The process of becoming decadent.  Whether in reference to chocolate cake for breakfast or wild all night parties, decadence means extravagance, luxury and self-indulgence. So let yourself go and enjoy!  Be tempted and Be different.

Fine, artisan-made foods, cocktails and desserts are an object of passion and adoration.  A sensuous, sublime treat that lifts the mind and resurrects the body.

Here at Decadence, you will find the cuisine to be exquisite and compelling. We strive to create a menu that supports health and pleasure, using the finest and freshest ingredients selected by our chef.

Indulgences continue with our crafted mixed drinks, boutique wines and beers.  You will not find ordinary cocktails here, but instead you will get premium artisanal spirits, organic fruits and juices that create classic and imaginative cocktails.

We invite you to indulge your senses at Decadence.


Skylar Tourigny