The process of becoming decadent; whether in reference to chocolate cake for breakfast or wild all night parties, decadence is extravagance, luxury and self-indulging.

At Decadence Bar, we strive to create sensuous and sublime treats that lift the mind and resurrect the body.

Our menu is curated with artisan-made foods, cocktails and desserts; all  in support of your health and pleasure, utilizing fresh ingredients selected by our chef.

With an array of desserts made fresh daily, the Chocolate Decadence will melt in your mouth, while the Panna Cotta serves a velvety texture with a pungent chaser of raspberry compote and the Soufflé is flawlessly smooth with a light, flakey crust.

But, wait! It doesn’t stop there. Indulgences continue with our specially crafted mixed drinks. Our organic fruit juices are tied with premium selections of artisanal spirits, creating classically imaginative cocktails. Not up for a cocktail? Meet us for a boutique wine or a cold beer.

We invite you to indulge in your senses at Decadence. So let yourself go and enjoy!


Skylar Tourigny

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