Skylar Tourigny is a serial entrepreneur currently serving as creator and owner of Decadence, a bar and restaurant providing inspired California-Asian food in Hermosa Beach, California.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Skylar is deeply influenced by her childhood memories of daily trips to the market with her mother to purchase fresh seafood and produce for their homemade nightly dinners. It was during this time that Skylar took to baking and developed her love for chocolate and sweets, maintaining an “ingredients first” guiding mentality. 

In 2009, Skylar married her passion for food and style by opening a designer shoe and chocolate store in downtown Manhattan Beach, sweetly named Elleni Couture, after her daughter. Following the success of Elleni Couture, Skylar opened her first restaurant, the popular Marine Street Café, in Manhattan Beach in 2012. Still, Skylar’s tenacious entrepreneurial spirit led her to want to achieve even more – and thus Skylar’s crowning achievement, Decadence, launched in 2019. 

Almost two years in the making, Decadence Bar and Restaurant represents an extremely personal project for Tourigny. Armed at an early age with a true appreciation for the quality of fresh ingredients, Skylar painstakingly ensures that Decadence lives up to her personal standards with both the seasonal menu and the setting in which the food is served. Skylar personally managed the design of the space, including bar area, restaurant seating and lounge areas. “I’ve always wanted to have a restaurant that offers a beautiful décor, great food, desserts and amazing cocktails all in one spot in the South Bay,” Skylar says. “I wanted to create a place where people can come and hang out…a place with a decor and ambiance that makes people feel like they’re treating themselves.” 

Skylar has quickly become a leader amongst South Bay restaurateurs, garnering recognition from Hermosa Beach Mayor Stacey Armato and features in publications like EaterEasy Reader Newsand The Beach Reporter. Skylar and her family also own an Oyster Farm on the east coast, which have been called the ‘world’s best oysters’ by Saveur Magazine.

Skylar is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston.